Other products

H/C Water mixer tap
Single lever tap
H/C Water hooked tap
H/C Water tap assembly, 2 taps
H/C Water tap assembly, 3 taps
Gas tap assembly, 1 tap
Gas tap assembly, 2 taps
Air tap assembly, 1 tap
Eye washbasin installed on the removable sink
Emergency eye washbasin tap and shower


PVC Electrical cable conduit
Electrical base with Legrand protection
Circuit breaker
Electrical tower for 4 bases (horizontal/vertical)
Electrical tower for 4 bases, removable.
RJ45 8CO Connector (voice/data), Mosaic Series, ref.74265 Legrand+adapter frame.
Phone socket


Telescopic stool with wheels and height-adjustable seat, with cloth covering.
Stool ref. Zeus 2005, wooden seat.
Stool ref. Zeus 2005, imitation leather seat.
Stool ref. Zeus 2005 C/R, with backrest, wooden seat.
Stool ref. Zeus 2005 C/R, with backrest, imitation leather seat.
Armchair ref. Comfort, with armrests, high backrest, fabric finish.


NOTE: The furniture can be manufactured to meet the customer’s needs.