Technical specifications | Furniture

Physical-mechanical characteristics It maintains the values of the base board
Dimensional stability in length 0.7%
Behaviour when exposed to cracking Maximum classification: 1
Res. to food and cleaning products Maximum classification: 1
Behaviour when exposed to water steam directly No cracks or dulling
Resistance to the colour of light After 100 h of exposure, there are no alterations to the colour
Resistance to abrasion Loss of weight after every 100 revolutions: 0.1 g.
Adherence of the coating to the support minimum 20 % of adhered fibres
Formaldehyde emissions 0.15
Mean thermal expansion coefficient, K, DIN 53752 16x104
Thermal conductivity, W/m-K, DIN 52612 0.22
Behaviour when exposed to fire, DIN 4102 normal flammability
Resistance to electric shock, KV/mm, IEC 243-1 62
Surface resistance, Ohm, DIN IEC 167 1014
Temperature range, ºC 0 to + 100
Resistance to chemical products very good when in contact with many acids, alkalis and solvents.
Physiological innocuousness, in accordance with BGVVyes